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What it means to be a developer

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Whatever the reasons, there are more and more people who want to embark on the exciting job of programming. And it’s excellent 😀  .

But to last in this area, you must not only have the right tools, but also the right mindset.


Take the example of a professional athlete: if he wants to at least last in his discipline or be the best, he must learn to adopt a whole set of good attitudes. And these attitudes will help him to increase his productivity and to get out of it in case of difficulties. It’s the same for the developer. He must learn to know and adopt the good habits that will help him to get by in this job. That’s good, because in this article, I share with you 4 attitudes that a good developer must adopt to excel in this area.


These attitudes are taken from my book 3 Steps to Become a Good Web Developer, which you can download for free here, if not done yet. I wrote this book in French, but I will soon translate it into English

3 étapes pour devenir un bon développeur web

1- A developer likes to solve complex and new problems

Developers like new things, the technical challenge, the difficulty. In fact, they will be bored if they must always do the same thing, make yet another website, a little classic where there is no novelty. Web sites already seen or reviewed are not of interest to them.

Understand that if you want to be a good developer, you have to think outside the box, you must be attracted to new challenges, by things you have never done before.

2- A developer likes to organize his time.

The developer’s job is not a job like any other. Indeed, you write code do not forget it! And often thousands of lines of code!

It is for this reason that developers like to organize their time. Some like to work in the office, others prefer to work in telecommuting, that is to say from anywhere in the world, from the Internet. Breaking your head in front of lines of code to find a solution to a problem is useless. You often have to get away from the screen to refresh your ideas, and you always have to personally find the moments and the setting where you will be very comfortable working.

That’s why most developers like to work in the office. Take the example of the Google company that I think has the best workspace in the world: everything is done to put developers in good conditions to work. The workspace is nice (campus style), we can eat, sleep, we can take our position when we want, in short, we can make our whole life to Google. This makes it possible to run the best engineers in the world who ultimately work at Google.

3- A developer is curious

To excel in computer science, or hope to continue in this field for years, you have to be curious. And the developers are not immune to this rule. In fact, they are among the people who document the most in the computer world.

Their curiosity also pushes them to perform many tests, to see what such code would give if we removed such part, if we inserted such method etc.

4- A developer is a resourceful

Attention « resourceful » does not mean « average ». Developers are people who like to work with quality and with the best possible technologies. But by hustlers, hear imaginative, innovative. It is precisely this quality that makes them like new and complex problems. It’s not thousand obstacles that will stop them because they will always find a way out.

Even big American companies are looking for profiles of developers who like to think outside the box. That’s why their job interviews are pretty well known for their twisted questions :). For example at Google, you may be asked: « You are narrowed to the size of a room and fall into a blender. The blades will snap from one minute to the next. What are you doing ? ». I’ll let you find the answer 😛 .

5- a developer must have the spirit of sharing

This is not new, but let me remind you: unity is always strength. And in the world of programming, this is the basic rule. When developing an application and encountering a problem that can not be solved, the most common thing we do is to look for this solution on the internet. Because with this tool it is possible to meet developers who have had the same problem as us in the past, and the solution they found to solve this problem.

Internet is so powerful that it allows you to collaborate with developers who are at the other end of the world. That’s where Toptal comes in. Toptal is a freelance network of elite software engineers and digital designers from over 100 countries around the world. The company’s screening process weeds out all but the top 3 percent of talent in multiple categories, which means that once accepted, you’ll join an exclusive community of experts.

And nothing better than collaborating in a team of hardworking to increase in skills and maturity. 

I strongly encourage you to join  web developers Network , because being a member of this platform, allows you to cultivate the 5 attitudes cited in this post.

In summary

A developer likes to solve complex and new problems, likes to organize his time, is very curious and resourceful. It is important to understand how a developer works to better understand this business

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